The Gospel According to PJ affirms that Black gospel music is an art form in itself.

While it’s already understood that we don’t necessarily rely on institutions like The Recording Academy to validate our creativity, when something deserves its praise, it’s obvious that it deserves its praise on all levels. And it’s obvious to me that PJ Morton’s 2020 release, Gospel According to PJ should win…

Limited income, stressful jobs, and daily traumas mean Black and Brown women need a more intense, less expensive pamper routine

A photo of a black woman with her eyes closed, head tilted towards the sky, looking peaceful and serene.
Photo: Gary John Norman/Getty Images

IIt’s up to us to take ownership of how we, as women of color, define and refine our own healing practice. And news flash, that won’t always mean spending cash on a hastily-done manicure or expending energy decluttering your house when all you really want to do is sleep. That’s…

Melissa Kimble

On a mission to live with intention. Leader and Founder of #blkcreatives. Really into social media.

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